Multiple table columns for each influxdb group by tag

I have an InfluxDB series with two dependent tags: org_id and org_name. I have a query that groups by both of these:

SELECT sum(host_count) FROM hosts WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval), “org_name”, “org_id”

I am using a Time Series Aggregations table. I can’t switch to Table format because I need to aggregate over multiple data points.

Is it possible to separate the org_name and org_id tags into separate columns in the Grafana table? This would look like:

org_name, org_id, sum
Foo, 123, 555
Bar, 345, 777

Today I can use an alias like: $tag_org_name, $tag_org_id to put stuff in the same column, but I’d like to split to multiple columns by each group by tag.

If you use format as table in the query it will work. Just remove group by time interval if you want aggregated values for the whole time range