Prometheus Annotation Issue


I am trying to create Annotations with Prometheus using the timestamp as the metric.

ansible_deploy{app=“infrastructure”} >= time()-60

with a 60s step

This query works in Prometheus but not in Grafana.

Any thoughts?

Does Grafana only support metric values of 1 or 0?

No, it definitely supports other values.

Can you explain a bit more. What does the query return in Prometheus?

You can compare the query and response by using the Chrome Dev Tools and the network tab. See this guide.

I’m having a similar issue: my prometheus query is properly displaying as a range vector with values between 0 and 1, but annotations are not displayed in panels


Here is my promql query:

max ( #over the web nodes maintaining counters
  increase(concourse_builds_finished{bosh_deployment=~"$bosh_deployment",status="succeeded",exported_job="hard-reset-features-merged"}[5m]) > bool 0


Prometheus data source | Grafana documentation mentions a “regular metric query” but I’m not sure whether this means a prometheus “Range vector” ?

Manually defined annotations are properly displayed within multiple panels, but query annotations do not display

Are annotations not displayed because of the step param filtering out events ?

additional screenshots:

additional screenshots 2/2