Release Notes for Grafana v4.2.0

Grafana v4.2.0 is now available for download.

Some highlights include:

  • Deduping of Alert notifications when running multiple servers
  • More alert notification integrations supported: HipChat, Threema, Pushover, LINE and Telegram.
  • Better information about why an alert triggered
  • Sharing dashboards using Grafana share feature will now redirect to correct org

As well as tons of minor enhancements and bugfixes, nearly all of them contributed by the Grafana community.

The changelog with a list of all the changes can be found below. The blog post for this release can be found here.


Minor Enhancements

  • Templates: Prevent use of the prefix __ for templates in web UI #7678
  • Threema: Add emoji to Threema alert notifications #7676 thx @dbrgn
  • Panels: Support dm3 unit #7695 thx @mitjaziv
  • Docs: Added some details about Sessions in Postgres #7694 thx @rickard-von-essen
  • Influxdb: Allow commas in template variables #7681 thx @thuck
  • Cloudwatch: stop using deprecated session.New() #7736 thx @mtanda
  • OpenTSDB: Pass dropcounter rate option if no max counter and no reset value or reset value as 0 is specified #7743 thx @r4um
  • Templating: support full resolution for $interval variable #7696 thx @mtanda
  • Elasticsearch: Unique Count on string fields in ElasticSearch #3536, thx @pyro2927
  • Templating: Data source template variable that refers to other variable in regex filter #6365 thx @rlodge
  • Admin: Global User List: add search and pagination #7469
  • User Management: Invite UI is now disabled when login form is disabled #7875


  • Webhook: Use proxy settings from environment variables #7710
  • Panels: Deleting a dashboard with unsaved changes raises an error message #7591 thx @thuck
  • Influxdb: Query builder detects regex to easily for measurement #7276 thx @thuck
  • Docs: router_logging not documented #7723
  • Alerting: Spelling mistake #7739 thx @woutersmit
  • Alerting: Graph legend scrolls to top when an alias is toggled/clicked #7680 thx @p4ddy1
  • Panels: Fixed panel tooltip description after scrolling down #7708 thx @askomorokhov

4.2.0-beta1 (2017-02-27)


  • Telegram: Added Telegram alert notifier #7098, thx @leonoff
  • Templating: Make $__interval and $__interval_ms global built in variables that can be used in by any datasource (in panel queries), closes #7190, closes #6582
  • S3 Image Store: External s3 image store (used in alert notifications) now support AWS IAM Roles, closes #6985, #7058 thx @mtanda
  • SingleStat: Implements diff aggregation method for singlestat #7234, thx @oliverpool
  • Dataproxy: Added setting to enable more verbose logging in dataproxy #7209, thx @Ricky-N
  • Alerting: Better information about why an alert triggered #7035
  • LINE: Add LINE as alerting notification channel #7301, thx @huydx
  • LINE: Adds image to notification message #7417, thx @Erliz
  • Hipchat: Adds support for sending alert notifications to hipchat #6451, thx @jregovic
  • Alerting: Uploading images for alert notifications is now optional #7419
  • Dashboard: Adds shortcut for collapsing/expanding all rows #552, thx @mtanda
  • Alerting: Adds de duping of alert notifications #7632
  • Orgs: Sharing dashboards using Grafana share feature will now redirect to correct org. #1613
  • Pushover: Add Pushover alert notifications #7526 thx @devkid
  • Threema: Add Threema Gateway alert notification integration #7482 thx @dbrgn

Minor Enhancements

  • Optimzation: Never issue refresh event when Grafana tab is not visible #7218, thx @mtanda
  • Browser History: Browser back/forward now works time ranges / zoom, #7259
  • Elasticsearch: Support for Min Doc Count options in Terms aggregation #7324, thx @lpic10
  • Elasticsearch: Term aggregation limit can now be changed in template queries #7112, thx @FFalcon
  • Elasticsearch: Ad-hoc filters now support all operators #7612, thx @tamayika
  • Graph: Add full series name as title for legends. #7493, thx @kolobaev
  • Table: Add a message when queries returns no data. #6109, thx @xginn8
  • Graph: Set max width for series names in legend tables. #2385, thx @kolobaev
  • Database: Allow max db connection pool configuration #7427, thx @huydx
  • Datasources Delete datsource by name #7476, thx @huydx
  • Dataproxy: Only allow get that begins with api/ to access Prometheus #7459, thx @mtanda
  • Snapshot: Make timeout for snapshot creation configurable #7449 thx @ryu1-sakai
  • Panels: Add more physics units #7554 thx @ryantxu
  • Email: Add sender’s name on email #2131 thx @jacobbednarz
  • HTTPS: Set tls 1.2 as lowest tls version. #7347 thx @roman-vynar
  • Table: Added suppressing of empty results to table plugin. #7602 thx @LLIyRiK


  • Library Upgrade: Upgraded angularjs from 1.5.8 to 1.6.1 #7274
  • Backend: Grafana is now built using golang 1.8


  • Alerting: Fixes missing support for no_data and execution error when testing alerts #7149
  • Dashboard: Avoid duplicate data in dashboard json for panels with alerts #7256
  • Alertlist: Only show scrollbar when required #7269
  • SMTP: Set LocalName to hostname #7223
  • Sidemenu: Disable sign out in sidemenu for AuthProxyEnabled #7377, thx @solugebefola
  • Prometheus: Add support for basic auth in Prometheus tsdb package #6799, thx @hagen1778
  • OAuth: Redirect to original page when logging in with OAuth #7513
  • Annotations: Wrap text in annotations tooltip #7542, thx @xginn8
  • Templating: Fixes error when using numeric sort on empty strings #7382
  • Templating: Fixed issue detecting template variable dependency #7354