Release Notes for Grafana v4.5.1

4.5.2 (2017-09-22)


  • Graphite: Fix for issues with jsonData & graphiteVersion null errors #9258
  • Graphite: Fix for Grafana internal metrics to Graphite sending NaN values #9279
  • HTTP API: Fix for HEAD method requests #9307
  • Templating: Fix for duplicate template variable queries when refresh is set to time range change #9185
  • Metrics: dont write NaN values to graphite #9279

4.5.1 (2017-09-15)


  • MySQL: Fixed issue with query editor not showing #9247

Breaking changes

  • Metrics: The metric structure for internal metrics about Grafana published to graphite has changed. This might break dashboards for internal metrics.


New release now available for download.


New prometheus query editor

The new query editor has full syntax highlighting. As well as auto complete for metrics, functions, and range vectors.

There is also integrated function docs right from the query editor!

Elasticsearch: Add ad-hoc filters from the table panel

Table cell links!

Create column styles that turn cells into links that use the value in the cell (or other other row values) to generate a url to another dashboard or system:


New Features

  • Table panel: Render cell values as links that can have an url template that uses variables from current table row. #3754
  • Elasticsearch: Add ad hoc filters directly by clicking values in table panel #8052.
  • MySQL: New rich query editor with syntax highlighting
  • Prometheus: New rich query editor with syntax highlighting, metric & range auto complete and integrated function docs. #5117


  • GitHub OAuth: Support for GitHub organizations with 100+ teams. #8846, thx @skwashd
  • Graphite: Calls to Graphite api /metrics/find now include panel or dashboad time range (from & until) in most cases, #8055
  • Graphite: Added new graphite 1.0 functions, available if you set version to 1.0.x in data source settings. New Functions: mapSeries, reduceSeries, isNonNull, groupByNodes, offsetToZero, grep, weightedAverage, removeEmptySeries, aggregateLine, averageOutsidePercentile, delay, exponentialMovingAverage, fallbackSeries, integralByInterval, interpolate, invert, linearRegression, movingMin, movingMax, movingSum, multiplySeriesWithWildcards, pow, powSeries, removeBetweenPercentile, squareRoot, timeSlice, closes #8261
  • Elasticsearch: Ad-hoc filters now use query phrase match filters instead of term filters, works on non keyword/raw fields #9095.

Breaking change

  • Elasticsearch: Elasticsearch metric queries without date histogram now return table formated data making table panel much easier to use for this use case. Should not break/change existing dashboards with stock panels but external panel plugins can be affected.
  • InfluxDB/Elasticsearch: The panel & data source option named “Group by time interval” is now named “Min time interval” and does now always define a lower limit for the auto group by time. Without having to use > prefix (that prefix still works). This should in theory have close to zero actual impact on existing dashboards. It does mean that if you used this setting to define a hard group by time interval of, say “1d”, if you zoomed to a time range wide enough the time range could increase above the “1d” range as the setting is now always considered a lower limit.

This option is now rennamed (and moved to Options sub section above your queries):

Datas source selection & options & help are now above your metric queries.

Minor Changes

  • InfluxDB: Change time range filter for absolute time ranges to be inclusive instead of exclusive #8319, thx @Oxydros
  • InfluxDB: Added paranthesis around tag filters in queries #9131

Bug Fixes

  • Modals: Maintain scroll position after opening/leaving modal #8800
  • Templating: You cannot select data source variables as data source for other template variables #7510

4.5.0 (2017-09-14)

Fixes & Enhancements since beta1

  • Security: Security fix for api vulnerability (in multiple org setups).
  • Shortcuts: Adds shortcut for creating new dashboard #8876 thx @mtanda
  • Graph: Right Y-Axis label position fixed #9172
  • General: Improve rounding of time intervals #9197, thx @alin-amana
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Some feedback already - the changes to Elasticsearch are excellent! Query Phrase Match fixes so many issues with the searching, and the ability to add to the Adhoc filter by clicking values in the table panel is a time saver. Having the query inspector is handy for troubleshooting, and I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of the possibilities with the ‘Rendering value as link’ capability.

Thank you!

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Prometheus query editor is awesome!

I’m in a hurry to test Elasticsearch Ad-hoc filters, one of the last Kibana dashboards functionality that was missing in Grafana.
Well done guys !
My operation dashboards thank you.

You make a great work !

At first try , filter on Elasticsearch like Kibana is realy great ! I’ll try it deeply within the next days !
Thanks all for you great work

Still install v4.5.0, having a problem with a “Right Y” legend, which is not properly print (in the middle of the screen instead next to the Y :

Hany ideas ?
thx :wink:

think this was fixed after 4.5 beta1 was released

thx, will wait next release :slight_smile:

By the way, Filters on elasticsearch workin fine for graf, table, … except for some singlestat for who, filter is not applied …
Any issue ?
same count with or without filter :
with :

without filter, same count :

But on another singlestat, filter works properly :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
without filter :

with filter (works here) :

Do you see what’s wrong ?

Thx :wink:

For Information, it work’s when i put the filter directly in the Query …

OK, I Think i’ve got’IT !
The filter was done on a table with a different Datasource than the one used for the singlestat … that’s why it doesn’t work…
Even if It’s the same index used in elasticsearch, if the datasource is different in grafana, the filter will not be applied !

Ad hoc filters does not work whe you use mixed datasource currently

Wait it should, strange, ar you sure it’s not singlestat options that are different?

The singlestats options are the same, the only change is the data source between them …
The target data are on the same Index on Elasticsearch, but I have used two different Datasources to acces them on grafana for histogram purposes.
After few test, I can asume that if a filter is done on a specific datasource, it’s only applied for graphs with the same datasource on the dashboard.

But that’s OK, I can deal with it :wink:

yes, ad-hoc filters are only applied to the same data source