[Resolve] Call from worldping-api


I have install Grafana to monitor a project. At the beginning I played with the different options/plugin, particularly I have install the worlPing app.
Now we receive periodical call on the root url of the project: here is an example of the apache logs: - - [10/Jul/2017:13:44:38 +0200] "GET [ROOT_URL] HTTP/1.1" 404 92 "-" "worldping-api"

Is this link to the plugin (which is actually stop)? Is their a way to stop those call?

You can stop all of the checks you created from https://grafana.com

Go to your profile page on grafana.com, then to the “worldPing” page shown in the nav menu on the left.

Towards the bottom of the page, you should see a link for “Disable All Active Checks Now”.

Thank you for the information.