"search member" not finding users that is not already in that team


I am running into an issue that seems to have just started. this feature has worked before but now have just stopped and I am not sure why. I cannot seem to add a new or old user in a team using the search member.

What Grafana version are you using?


What datasource are you using?


What OS are you running grafana on?

Centos 7

What did you do?

Tried to add a new user to a team using the “search member” but could not find that user. I have also tried adding an old user that is not in that team and no results.

What was the expected result?

To see and select new user from “add team member” list

What happened instead?

Without using the “search member” and using “add team member” I see the users that are already added. but when using “search member” for a user that is not in that team I get no results (old or new).

Are there anyone having this issue?