Simple count and date graph

I have following table:

I want to create graph with

  1. StatDate as time_sec
  2. Sum of particular status for particular date as value
  3. Different status values as metric
    For example, on day 2017-02-21 2 orders shipped (SHIP), on 2017-02-22 15 orders shiped (SHIP) and so on. Then other metric for errors (ERR) and so on.
    Is it possible to do that?

yes it’s possible.

Look at the example time series query for graph panel for help (new graph panel, or new query has the example query).

Otherwise I suggest reading SQL query language docs & examples :slight_smile:

I have used GROUP BY, changed time range to 10 days. But no data is displayed. MySQL returns date as in picture in previous post.

Grafana somehow returns 0 values of COUNT function, MySQL side returned correct values.

Your query should return a column named value not number