The construction of graphs in Grafana

Hello. I have database in MySQL and there are such values.
Using the plug-in MySQL in Grafana and we get next results:

Now I want to draw a graph from the data, but I can’t make a valid request.
After that I get such a schedule the following query.

UNIX_TIMESTAMP(‘%Y-%m-%d’ ‘%H:%i:%s’) as time_sec,
avg_ooa as value,
‘avg_ooa’ as metric
FROM kpi1819_noanswer
WHERE $__timeFilter(date)

Please help to create the correct query.

Who can help me ? :frowning:

It seems that your mysql query doesnt return any values. Try to query your mysql database with the sql string grafana generates and if you get some vlaues back.

If there arent any values try any longer timewindow.