Status history panel - Grafana 9.2.0

I migrate from Grafana 9.0.5 to Grafana 9.2.0. “Status History” panel was working well in 9.0.5 but zoom doesn’t work anymore in the new version.
How can I fix it please,


Hello @grafanauser10 :wave:

could you please elaborate on what you expect to see when you zoom in into that specific time frame? What does it do? I can’t tell what’s the behavior of the tool by looking at your screenshot only. Also it would be useful if you could share the configuration of your panel (from your dashboard, click on the drop-down arrow that appears next to the name of your panel to display the options > select Inspect > Panel JSON)

Hello Antonio,

When I scroll the mouse on some bars, the time range on the dashboard is supposed to change (to zoom) according to the selected period on the panel (11h38 to 11h48 on the screen shot) and it is supposed to display only the two selected bars, but it’s not happening anymore since we migrate to Grafana 9.2.0.

I even created a new panel directly in Grafana 9.2, “Status-History”, zoom option still not working.

Hope I have made it clear by now.

Thanks for help,

Panel JSON copy
{ "id": 4231, "gridPos": { "h": 7, "w": 24, "x": 0, "y": 38 }, "type": "status-history", "title": "test", "repeatDirection": "v", "datasource": { "uid": "$myDB", "type": "influxdb" }, "links": [], "fieldConfig": { "defaults": { "custom": { "lineWidth": 1, "fillOpacity": 70 }, "color": { "mode": "thresholds" }, "mappings": [], "thresholds": { "mode": "absolute", "steps": [ { "color": "green", "value": null }, { "color": "red", "value": 1 } ] }, "decimals": 0, "unit": "percent" }, "overrides": [] }, "options": { "showValue": "auto", "rowHeight": 0.9, "colWidth": 0.9, "legend": { "showLegend": true, "displayMode": "list", "placement": "bottom" }, "tooltip": { "mode": "single", "sort": "none" } }, "targets": [ { "alias": "", "datasource": { "uid": "$myDB" }, "groupBy": [ { "params": [ "$__interval" ], "type": "time" }, { "params": [ "null" ], "type": "fill" } ], "hide": false, "orderByTime": "ASC", "policy": "default", "query": "SELECT sum(\"field\") FROM \"MyMeasurement\" WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time(1h)", "rawQuery": true, "refId": "B", "resultFormat": "table", "select": [ [ { "params": [ "value" ], "type": "field" }, { "params": [], "type": "mean" } ] ], "tags": [] } ], "description": "" }

Hi @grafanauser10

Apologies for the delayed answer

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able reproduce your panel on my end using your JSON data

If the issue still exists, could you try to reproduce the same behaviour using this histogram panel?