Stop Caching Plugins in Development

Hi all!

I’m updating my plugin, Psychart, and have recently updated my locally-hosted Grafana instance to version 10.0.2. I’ve noticed when running npm run dev, my plugin builds correctly in the dist directory. However, localhost does not update with my plugin changes until I clear my browser cache. My conclusion is that Grafana plugins are now being cached in as of version 10. I couldn’t find any breaking changes on this. Normally, I think this would be a great addition, except it is near impossible during plugin development. How can I disable this feature? Please get back to me soon! Thanks.

Hi @ventura no changes were implemented in terms of caching for plugins for newer versions of grafana. Perhaps this is a setting you need to setup in your browser?

If you are using a chromium-based browser (such as google chrome) to develop you can instruct it to disable cache when your dev tools are open.

In your Network tab → Disable cache.


In firefox you can find this same option under the network tab too


Thank you! I think this fixed it. Good intuition!

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