Streaming UDP from telefraf to grafana live

Hi. I am having problems streaming a UDP stream into Grafana. I followed this link:

When i stream my host computer cpu data as per the example link below, its all good, but when i place the input.websocket_listener plugin to recieve udp data from my data source (UDP data source is working, checked with wireshark) it doesn’t show any data in grafana. The telegraf .conf file:

  interval = "100ms"
  flush_interval = "100ms"

  percpu = false
 totalcpu = true
  service_address = "udp://:49172"
  data_format = "influx"


  url = "ws://localhost:3000/api/live/push/insole"
  data_format = "influx"
    Authorization = "Bearer <custom API key from grafana>"

I also formatted my udp data source to have data frames come in the same format as they come in from the host computer cpu data. My UDP data source frames are strings.
My UDP source data format:
time, “D1”, “D2”, “D3”, “D4”

The CPU data format from the example link:
time,“usage_guest {cpu=”“cpu-total”“, host=”“DESKTOP-HHBIBF6"”}“,“usage_guest_nice {cpu=”“cpu-total””, host=““DESKTOP-HHBIBF6"”}”,“usage_idle {cpu=”“cpu-total”“, host=”“DESKTOP-HHBIBF6"”}“,“usage_iowait {cpu=”“cpu-total””, host=““DESKTOP-HHBIBF6"”}”,“usage_irq {cpu=”“cpu-total”“, host=”“DESKTOP-HHBIBF6"”}“,“usage_nice {cpu=”“cpu-total””, host=““DESKTOP-HHBIBF6"”}”,“usage_softirq {cpu=”“cpu-total”“, host=”“DESKTOP-HHBIBF6"”}“,“usage_steal {cpu=”“cpu-total””, host=““DESKTOP-HHBIBF6"”}”,“usage_system {cpu=”“cpu-total”“, host=”“DESKTOP-HHBIBF6"”}“,“usage_user {cpu=”“cpu-total””, host=““DESKTOP-HHBIBF6"”}”

I know my UDP data source format uses commas instead of dots for floating point values, will fix this shortly.

Two questions:
-under the grafana live data dashboard, which channel do i subscribe to to get my udp (websocket_listener) data? for the example cpu data in the added link, i subscribe to “cpu”…
-how can i see what data is telegraf sending to the websocket? I tried subscribing to the websocket with node red, i don’t get any data from the host computer cpu or from my udp stream.
Thanks for any info.