Template query variable from different OpenTSDB sources

Hi. We have 2 OpenTSDB servers. One is massive. The other is tiny. The massive one is, in fact, so massive that enabling the metadata necessary for allowing query-based variable creation is prohibitive. So, I start scheming…

Suppose I wanted to create a dropdown list of, say, servers represented in a particular metric. What if I were to take a representative sample (say, downsampled data) from the massive server, and put that much smaller sample on my tiny server with the same metric/tags. Then, for the purpose of creating and populating my dropdown list, I tell Grafana to query the tiny server. However, to pull data for graphs, etc, I tell it to query the massive server, allowing the variable created from the tiny server to be used. I, of course, would be responsible for making sure that they are kept in sync and that the sample is representative for my purposes.

Is this possible? Or, is there something else that can accomplish this same goal that I’m missing?

Hmm… hope it’s ok to respond to my own post. There is a separate option in template creation to specify the server. I wonder why that wasn’t there before… exploring now. Possibly nothing to see here. :slight_smile:


Yeah as you found out you could use different data sources for the templating variables. So your suggested solution is viable.