Template Variable Type INTERVAL does not have any effect

I have defined a Template variable interval from Type Interval.

When I use this Variable in a Metric Query, it will always be translated as 1m.

Here my Variable definition:

No matter which Value I choose from the Template Top Down Menu.
When I check the influxedb logfile, I see always an aggregation function time of 1 minute.

> SELECT mean(value) FROM mydb."4weeks".BASIC_STATS WHERE ..... AND ...... AND time > 1494468498972ms AND time < 1494511385895ms GROUP BY time(1m)

I expect when I choose from the top down 1h, then the aggregation function should be time(1h)

Name it something else, interval is currently a reserved keyword

yes, it works !
Thanks a lot :wink:

One of a typical pitfall anyone can run into.