Templating query on opentsdb not working?

Hi guys, I just followed the guide in OpenTSDB data source | Grafana documentation

If you do not see template variables being populated in Preview of values section, you need to enable tsd.core.meta.enable_realtime_ts in the OpenTSDB server settings.

I was using tag_values() to query all tags with “tsd.core.meta.enable_realtime_ts = true” enabled in openTSDB. But the new tags still didn’t show up on grafana. I have to manually run “tsdb uid metasync” to work around it. What I am missing here?

btw, I’ve also tried “tsd.core.meta.enable_realtime_uid = true” but not work either. However the autocomplete on grafana can show up those new tags, but the templating vars still can’t.

Strange, sounds like a problem with OpenTSDB. Dont know why the real time meta data is not working

Even if you enable realtime_meta you will not be able to get values which were created in openTSDB before you enabled that option.

The values which gets added to TSDB after enabling will be seen in grafana.

Different TSDB APIs are used for Templating and Suggestions.

well, I already enable realtime_meta but still can’t retrieve those new tags in new values of existing metrics. Do you imply that it only works for new metrics?

yes. whatever new metrics added after you enabled that option, will be available in templating. To get the older metrics too, you need to run metasync