Text and amount in the table

I sent the following data to the InfluxDB:

How do I get such a table in Grafana?

app sum(value)
foo 4
bar 6

use table panel, group by app key. remove group by time

Thank you Torkel!
You are right, if I add data to Influx from the command line, then everything works.
INSERT test,app=foo value=1
INSERT test,app=bar value=2

SELECT sum(“value”) FROM “test” WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY “app”


It is not clear how to set the value of the tag (app) in Logstash?

The add_tag filter can only add a tag name without a tag value

I figured out the send_as_tags instruction to solve my problem.
Grafana is a great tool, thanks, Torkel, for your work!

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Hi I am very new to Grafana and I am probably missing something. I am finding very difficult to put the same data in to very simple bar chart where each bar would represent the category with values. How can this be done? I am using postgres as my datasource.