Time series aggregations


I have InfluxDB holding a value and quota value per measurement.
I want to display MAX(value) and LAST(quota) in two columns side by side using the time series aggregations in the table options grouped by one tag value.

My current query looks like:

SELECT max("value"), last("max_allowed_value") FROM /^$customer$/ WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval), "client" fill(null)

This query results in the following output per client tag when querying InfluxDB:

time                max  last
----                ---  ----
1497052800000000000 23.7 50
1497139200000000000 23.7 50
1497225600000000000 23.7 50
1497312000000000000 23.7 50

Right now if I choose Table Transform: Time Series Aggregations I get one line for client.max and a second line for client.last.
Someone has an idea how I could display the peak value from max and the last quota value side-by-side in a table using Grafana?


If you cannot compose a InfluxDB query that returns that in one row Grafana cannot display it in one row.

You mean return two values as single value?

no return them as a a single row . Right now your query is returing 4 rows, and you want to show peak from max and last from last, Dont think you can write a influxdb query that does that