Timeseries / Graph (Old) - How to NOT Stack Bars

in Timeseries panel, how do I turn the bar style (currently stacked/on top of each other)
into something like histogram style (where the bars are not on top of each other, but side by side)

what I have tried:

  1. override the series, graph style = bars and give different standard unit
  2. axis placement = right
  3. there is option for ‘graph style - stack series’ but this doesnt give the result I want

I have lines (other series) as well in the graph

anyone can help/guide me please?

I use this plugin

I havent tried it, but from the screenshots
that plugin is exactly histogram in the official grafana plugin. which is my second picture.
in that plugin, the X axis is categories.

while, what I need, the X axis is datetime, with multiple series (line + bars)
specifically for the bars, I want them not to stack (there is no way to put them side by side)

no update on this one…?
clue maybe…?

I have the same issue. I’ve spend countless hours trying so the options and info online. The grouped bar chart option is not well developed and some minor tweaks to the existing features should be able to resolve this problem.

How can we best get this addressed?


I am in the same position, I’m using this to show results of a probe_success and the closest to achieving this since the migration is below.



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