Vulnerabilities reported while Creating a new panel plugin V10



We have just installed the Grafana v10 on Windows platform with WSL while we tried to create a new panel plugin using @grafana/create-plugin its reported 32 Vulnerabilities as below.

We have tried with both node versions v16 and v18 still the initial scaffolding template reporting the vulnerabilities as follows:

How can we fix these vulnerabilities?

Thanks in advance


Might want to try what it recommends?


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Hi - please see this advice Bug: Many vulnerabilities found when creating a plugin · Issue #248 · grafana/plugin-tools · GitHub

These do not impact production builds. For me - running:

  • npx @grafana/create-plugin@latest
  • npm install
  • npm audit --omit-dev

results in:
found 0 vulnerabilities


Thanks David It works!!

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