Weird negative values (Bug maybe?)

Hello guys! Can anyone tell me is it normal behavoiur in Grafana?

As you see, it showes correct charts, but sometimes display something incorrect with - (minus)

Metrics are shipping through Metricbeat, Elasticsearch is a source.

PS: Lan port has only 100mbit, why grafana shows me 250 MBps?

Whole dashboard is:

Is it a bug?

When you get a negative value, can you get the raw query and the raw data returned and paste it here, please. Here’s a how to guide on how to use Chrome Dev Tools to do that.

daniellee, thank you for reply!

i’ve solved the issue. The problem was that my metrics shipped to Logstash without any modifications in it.
But when i ship metrics directly in ES, the problem went away.
Dont know why it happened.
Thank you for a reply anyway.

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