Can the panel add more Axes?

In currently there are 1 x-axis and 2 y-axes. Sometimes we have more time data and more valuer series. So can the grafana not to limit the number of the axes?

That sounds like an very confusing feature request to me - it would be hard
enough to work out which graph corresponded to which Y-axis, but I think
multiple X-axes is unworkable / incomprehensible.

Do you have an example of any other application which can display graphical
data with multiple superimposed X-axes?


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More Y-axes are useful to observe trends of the different serial data. Such as, register user, page visitor, user visitor, active vistor …

For more X-axes, Such as one x-axis is for this week, another is for last week. They are both from Sunday to Saturday. We can compare the value directly in the same diagram.