Dashboard List passing template vars

I wanted to verify before posting a feature request that there was no way to pass template vars to a linked dashboard in a dashboard list. I see that there are feature requests for global dashboard vars, but I wouldn’t go so far as to be needing those, just the ability to pass them to the dashboard that I click on.

Currently I manage this using a text panel that mimics the HMTL and CSS of a dashboard list, but this is a non-scalable solution.
This is a feature of the “drilldown” links, but those must be hardcoded and are also not scalable.

I attempted to fork the code for the dashlist myself and edit it, but keep running into issues compiling the typescript. (relatively new at this part).

Is there anyone who can advise me on the process for properly editing/compiling this, or is this something that is worth a feature request?


It does not seem to be possible.

Follow the instructions for building from source if you want to get it working yourself. Once you have everything setup then just run grunt for a one-time build or grunt watch if you want to build when a change is made.

I think it would make sense as a feature request but it would not be on our roadmap during the next 6 months. We already have a very full backlog :slight_smile:

As always, thanks for your prompt reply @daniellee.

Out of both curiosity and confusion, why can’t I just use tsc on the module.ts file?

And I will attempt to get it running myself, but file a feature request if I cannot figure it out.


You can run tsc - here’s the command. But that’s only part of the build process - linting, minifying the javascript, concatenating all the files into one js file, adding a file revision, copying the generated files into public_gen. Seems easier just to run grunt.

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Thanks again, and I see what you mean. Currently I was running grafana from the yum repo instead of completely building from scratch, which is why I was hoping to just compile with tsc. I will do a fresh install later today from scratch since that appears to be easier.