Grafana alerts for Elasticsearch

Since Grafana alerts are not supported for Elasticsearch data source, I am just curious if there is any workaround for that: maybe any plugins?

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There is a branch for alerting in Elasticsearch that you can test if you really need it:

But it needs some work before it gets merged into Grafana master.

Thanks. Do you have any ideas when it will be released?

Not sure. It is included in the 4.4.0 milestone which should be released in a few weeks time but I think ES alerting might get pushed back to the release after that. We have too many other big features to focus on right now (UX refresh, dashboard folders and annotations).

Here is the issue so that you can be notified when it is merged:

I am wondering if the release day for ES alerting is known already .

@john018 not sure. Possibly the 5.0.0 release in September.

do you happen to know if there’s been any progress on this?

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Can’t wait this funcionality :slight_smile:

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Maybe for V5 ?
it will be realy helpfull


September is over. Can you please let me know when alerting function is coming with elastic-search

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It will be delayed. We decided to do an interim release before 5.0 - version 4.6 which we should be releasing this week. Unfortunately, it won’t contain alerting for Elasticsearch (it will have alerting for Cloudwatch but that doesn’t help you).

is it on the run for V5 ? pleeeeeeease !

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anything…? :confused:

do you have a sure time for 5.0 release?

We will be releasing an alpha version of 5.0 very soon (but that will not include ES alerting) and then a first beta in January (which might include ES alerting).

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+1 for ES alerting. It would be super helpful!

+1. I also need alerting of grafana on elasticsearch.


I know it will be done when it will be done… Still just casting my vote!

+1 for my vote …
Waiting for that

+1 for my vote …very necessary

Waiting for that