Grafana elasticsearch alerts

Hi there all the Grafana users, I am currently using Kibana with elasticsearch for the visualization purposes. Kibana is good for searching facilities, and other different purposes.

But I am finding the alerting feature in the elasticsearch(x-pack) i.e, watcher, very difficult to use. That is not user friendly at all.
Whereas in grafana, the alerting system is pretty simple and straightforward. So, I am thinking that for alerting purposes only, I make a elastic dashboard in grafana and make proper alerts on various conditions.

Till now, I have used only influxdb as the data source(also simplejson) in Grafana and it is pretty awesome and simple to use and I would recommend it 100% to other users.

My question is that Is grafana having the same compatibility and flexibility with elasticsearch as datasource also as it is having with influxdb ? Will I be able to make proper alerts in here OR there are kind of limitations to it ?

this is kind of a suggestion seeking question, like a discussion. So, I hope everybody familiar with this use case answers and directs me in the right way. Thank you.

We hope to add elasticsearch alerting support some time in the future, but we are not sure when it will be ready. An initial implementation is available in a branch in grafana github repo but needs a lot more to be production ready.

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