How to send IP address to grafana from graphite

It looks like I can’t send IP address to graphite. I am trying to create a single stat on grafana to show IP address of the machine ( but it looks like graphite doesn’t like that format as input metric. I tried dividing metrics in to chunks and send them as separate 4 metrics. Now I can’t seem to integrate them on grafana. 10 1 1 1

Any idea on how to combine the 4 metrics on grafana so I can see single stat as


Bit confused, are you trying to save IP as measurement value or as metric name?

As metric value. I think Graphite(carbon) follows the below format and I am trying to send the IP address in chunks as metric value. And eventually hoping to combine different metric values from grafana side. Not sure if this is doable.

Sorry this is impossible :slight_smile: