MySQL data source: Query editor not appearing (4.5.0)

Hello, I’ve just installed Grafana on a Debian box running an OpenHAB setup, there is an existing MySQL database with metrics in it, and I wish to graph these. I have set up MySQL as a datasource and Grafana says it’s fine and it can log in.

When I create a graph in a dashboard and click on Edit in the title, I get to the “Metrics” tab, select the MySQL data source, go to the first line below (with “A” and a non-functional downward-pointing arrow to the left), click “Add Query”. This then changes to “Format As”. The next box is “Time Series”, and the box after that is “Show Help”.

If I change “Time Series” to “Table”, I get an error:

Error 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '<time_column>) as time_sec,
  <value column> as value,
  <series name column> as' at line 2

I was expecting some kind of query editor so I can get the relevant data out into a timestamp and a value, but I do not get that. I have no opportunity to enter any SQL, but the help files and videos I’ve watched seem to suggest that I should get that.

I’m running 4.5.0 from the Grafana repository.

Gah, I searched the internet for ages, made this post, then immediately spotted a post 5 posts below mine that confirms it’s a bug that is being fixed imminently… Hopefully this’ll be put into the debian repository soon.

All working fine now, update is already available, I’m plainly not having a good day when it comes to checking before posting.

I have the same problem using MySQL. Whether I install MySQL on Win 10 or NAS Synology always reports a syntax error.
Is there any remedy?