Playlists fail and redirect to 1st dashboard

We use docker at work to load up a Grafana dashboard coupled to Prometheus. Everything works except playlists.


When i create my playlist to make a rotation of all our dashboards and i click on the playlist/play link, i see the playlist page flashing by, no errors in the web developper console (even if i preserve log and record everything) and it jumps to the first dashboard available.

If i insect every XHR call, i can see all 200’s with valid JSON. The data returned by the API looks ok. And i have no errors in the console.


  • Docker 1.12.6
  • Docker-compose 1.7.1
  • Grafana image used: grafana/grafana (Which impliest :latest tag)

What i tried and found

  • I tried switching to a 4.2.0 version to see if problem persists (still persists)
  • I tried switching to a master version to see if problem persists (still persists)

Can you describe your problem? The playlist url is meant to start the playlist (so naturally loads 1st dashboard)

Humm it wasn’t working before when i put 10s or even 30s and now i just let it run when 1m setting and it works… Is there any reason < 1m wouldn’t work?

specifying 3s in interval works for me.